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We design the CLASSIC model based on the most widespread tarogato type.

It is favored by those traditionalist musicians who wants to play on tarogatos that are like ones used by our ancestors.

Playing on it is mostly like playing a clarinet. Playing techique is easy for clarinet and saxophone players.


  • Bb soprano
  • Albert system
  • 440/442Hz tuning
  • exotic hardwood body
  • double oktave key
  • silver plated keywork
  • steel springs, screws and rods
  • 4 rings mechanism
  • bell bodyring
  • mouthpiece, soft case and accessories included


Net price 3.316 Euro
Incl. 27% VAT 4.211 Euro

Price do not including transport cost. (55 Eur in EU) (75 Eur outside the Eu) Delivery time 3-5 month after payment.
For net price invocing vat number is needed to specify with Eu. Otherwise, 27% VAT will be added.
We do not charge VAT outside the EU. For deliveries outside the EU, we charge a customs clearance fee. A VAT number is required for net price invoicing to another country within the EU.