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The Tarogato, became an emblematic instruments of the 1703-1711 hungarian “Rákóczi war of independence”. It was modernized in 1897 by János Stowasser (1845-1928) the founder of the Stowasser Company. It was at the time that he licensed the instrument, now with simple reed and keywords.

Following the death of Stowasser, the leader of his workshop, master Ferenc Péczi (1913-1992) kept alive the tradition of Tarogato crafting. Since 1992 his former apprentice, master Miklós Szabolcsi has taken over the mantle. Today Mr. Szabolcsi produces Stowasser Tarogatos with engineer, Dr. János Barcza owner of the Tarogato Műhely Kft. He has been making the Tóth és Társa instruments from 2002.

Our company the Stowasser J. Tarogato Ltd. upholding the original measurements of the body and the keyworks, they make the most succesfull model of Stowasser Tarogatos. Following the fine manufacturing traditions, all instruments are handmade, with special techniques handed down from maste to apprentice through the ages. ​