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Zoltán Erdő plays his hundred and ten years old Stowasser tarogato he got from his grandfather. In addition to his solo concerts he uses it in classic, folk and jazz ensembles, too. From 2009 he’s the clarinet player of Oláh Dezső Septet where he frequently uses the tarogato in various contemporary compositions. They had gigs in Művészetek Palotája, Budapest Jazz Club, Columbus Jazz ship, the French Institute and the radio’s Márvány terem.

In January 2010, he participated in a two weeks long concert series in New York and Toronto. Recorded their first album with Oláh Dezső Septet in March 2010 with Hunnia Records and EMI. In January 2012 he played the tarogato in Los Angeles; also they recorded album “Tranquillo” with Dezső Oláh jazz pianist.

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